In 1930, Mr K.Kathiravelu founded the Town School in Jalan Arab, Muar.
He was the school principal from 1930 to 1933. Rev. Father J.P. Francois purchased the school from him in 1933 and renamed it as St Andrew’s School. He took over the headmaster role until 1938. He was succeeded by Rev.Father Dapoirieuse in 1938.
In 1940, Rev. Father Rene Ashness took over as principal. The school was temporarily closed in 1942 until 1945 due to the outbreak of World War II.
The school was reopened in 1946 and Rev. Father Cordeiro took over as principal. In 1947, the school operated in Jalan Lama and a new school was built in 1948 in Jalan Hashim and remain there until today. The school has eighteen students and the late Mr Yeo Teck Mong was one of the student. Father Cordeiro retired from the school in 1952. The school had an official opening in 1949 and Rev Bro Edmund succeeded as the school principal in 1952 and remained there until 1953.
A new school, St. Andrew’s Continuation School was started for the over-aged students. In January 1953, Rev. Bro. Finan Owen took over as Principal. A new school logo was adopted. He left on October 1954.
In October, 1954, the late Rev Brother Robert O’Sullivan took over as Principal of the school. The school adopted a new logo in 1955. He remained as school principal for 25 years until 1980. He was responsible for the fame of the school. It was during his tenure as principal that a little unknown school had earned itself the name and fame as the much sought after by school-going parents which elbowed their ways to find a place in the school for their children education. The school had since missed a great principal of all times!
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