The Muar Andreans Association KL Chapter was rekindled when an old boy of St Andrew School, Dr Paul Lim Keng Yew met his old classmate, then Dr Ahamad Bin Sipon by chance in Kuala Lumpur one fine morning in February 2001. Both were from the class of 1968.

They chatted about their careers, family, their school and enquired about the well being of their beloved old headmaster, Rev.Bro Robert, who retired in 1980. Soon they made a decision to make visit him at St Francis Institution, Malacca.

During their meeting with Rev. Bro Robert, he mentioned with sadness about the school having lost their glorious education standards and lamented on the pathetic state of the school canteen that was built some 30 years ago.

On April 21, 2002, over 50 old boys gathered at Dr Paul Lim’s residence in Section 16, Petaling Jaya. The late Rev.Brother Robert was present as special guest and he again spoken of the need to form a Kuala Lumpur Chapter of the Muar Andrean Association to foster fellowship, networking and provide social responsibility to their school and the needy public.

The same night, a pro-tem committee was formed and Dato Dr Ahamad Bin Sipon was elected unanimously as President with Dr Paul Lim as Vice-President. The other committee members comprise Mr Charles Lee Keng Seng, Mr Adrian Goh, Encik Mustaphar Mahmud. Mr Edmund Ng See Kam as the Chairman of fund raising. The pro-tem committee worked very hard to build a 3-storey canteen cum multimedia hall. A fund raising dinner was organized on June 29, 2001 at Holiday Villa Subang and about RM105,000 was raised. Later, the Ministry of Education provided a grant of RM500,000. The Muar Committee also raised RM150,000 from their April 17, 2004 fund raising dinner and the school PTA raised RM100,000 bringing the total to RM855,000 The brand new 3-storey canteen is now ready.

The objectives of the Muar Andreans Assocation, KL Chapter are:
1. Foster fellowships among old boys.
2. Provide networking – business and pleasure.
3. Provide career guidance talks school leavers of St Andrew.
4. Lend a hand to charity  - school, old folk home and orphanages.

The Spirit of Andreans Lives On….

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